Empty Promises

Waydown Wailers

Waydown Wailers are extremely honored that our 2016 album, Empty Promises, is on The Grammy Ballot for Best Americana Album, Best American Roots song, and Best American Roots Performance! Thank you for your consideration!

And here it is, folks, the Waydown Wailers’ sophomore release on Woodstock Records, “Empty Promises” with a street date of February 26, 2016. We find the quartet led by brothers Dave Parker (guitar/lead vocals) and Christian “Moe” Parker (lead guitar) mining deeper into that rich upstate New York state soil that inspired The Band and many other great roots artists. Cultivating a sound described as the “edge of the swamp rock, blues, and jam with just a healthy dash of Americana,” their music has been baptized “Outlaw Jam.”

The nine new songs range from present-day observations and social commentary on a national level, to recounts of past relationships and desires of us all. The opening track ‘Don’t Let Life Pass You By’ is a simple lesson we all should heed. Easy rocker ‘Jealousy’ is a politically-charged rebuke hidden in a tongue twisting rhyme and the edgy title track ‘Empty Promises’ testifies to life’s struggles. ‘St. Vraine’ paints a picture of sacred landscape the brothers cherish and the Parkers’ lovely Cajun flavored ballad ‘Still Water,’ is a sweet sentimental journey home. The Waydown Wailers toss in a spicy cover of CCR classic ‘Susie Q,’ and promise us that ‘Whiskey & Cornbread,’ will get you by. “Empty Promises” is a portrait of how the 99% of us in America live. 2016 Woodstock Records

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