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Waydown Wailers come from the backland of the New York Canadian Border, consist of brothers David & Christian Parker, Connor Pelkey and Mike Scriminger. Musicians from varied musical backgrounds and experiences, their acclaimed past CD’s have received radio airplay nationwide and internationally. Called everything from Blues and Swamp Rock to Americana, these talented musicians perform new music and lyrics that have something to say. Waydown Wailers are pioneers in the innovative music scene, carving out their niche in classic American music — boldly original, tunefully deep, and forever lingering.

Just groove to their music and you'll instantly identify a unique resonance defined by rock-hard lyrics, great musicianship, and hand-clapping, foot-stomping melodies. Everything they create brands the consciousness. Songs dissecting the discontented soul of a bitter land of liberty stand strong alongside ballads of aching hearts worn admirably on their sleeves. This is the kind of band that begins as a smoldering local event and before you know it, rapidly transforms into a blazing national trend.
Another family affair, (a North American tradition) brothers Dave (lead guitar/vocals) and Christian Parker (guitar) have not played together in a band until this harmonious bug bit them, and the rest of the tribe: Michael Scriminger (drums/percussion) and Connor Pelkey (bass backing vocals) welded the circle complete. This was four guys already carving individual niches into every nook and cranny of the North American music landscape, but collectively produced a dazzling band even stronger than the sum of its harmonies.
The Waydown Wailers is a band of dreamers that in vision a sound that they personally want to inhabit, something that gets their hearts pumping before releasing it on a cover-beaten, musically famished public. Dave Parker's vocals are right on, crisp and oh so deliciously addictive. It's his signature phrasing that hooks you fast, keeps you transfixed and in the mix. And oh what a mix it is with Mike Scriminger's funk/ rock drum flare to Connor Pelkey's eccentric bass spouting funk and dare I say world beat slaps and pops while Christian Parker is another hot-lightening picker not afraid to add his eclectic style, it's all to hell n' back and  truly defining the phrase "he's got chops."   These are some badass players, musicians that really love the art.

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